OAK Fashion Claim

We inspire self-expression through unique, limited edition fashion, with garments ranging from 1 to 20 of a kind (OAK). Be different, be you.

Oak Fashion creates fashion for individuals who want to be exactly that . . . individual.

Inspired by a desire for unique and limited garments the OAK Fashion brand was launched – OAK stands for “Of A Kind”.

At Oak Fashion we purposely create a very limited number of garments.  We do so to ensure our customers purchase uniqueness, creativity and exclusivity.  Taking care and pride, we put our personal touch into every garment made.

We’re an online fashion store and on this site, you will find three levels of exclusivity:

  • A 20 OAK garment means that we only produce 20 items ever.
  • A 10 OAK means only 10 have ever been made.
  • From time to time we’ll launch a 1 OAK garment.  This is it.  There is and will be no other like it.

High-Quality Material

Our experienced fashion designer is personally involved in carefully finding and selecting the right fabrics to ensure the best texture, weight, print and colour, thereby defining the uniqueness in the look and feel of each garment.

Locally Made

All our garments are handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa.